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The XCritical offers margin rates generally apply to all customers, while in various jurisdictions, local regulators require different or higher margin rates. If the local margin rates are higher than the IB margin rates, then the margin rates required by local regulators will apply. The risk of loss in online trading of stocks, options, futures, currencies, foreign xcritical official site equities, and fixed Income can be substantial. Withdrawals are processed immediately but again can take up to 5 business days to reach your account. The website also stipulates that you may be required to provide evidence of your deposit before a withdrawal can be actioned. Aside from the demo account, the other option is to sign up for a live IG Broker open account.

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We have received multiple reports and questions about trading groups active on popular messaging apps like WhatsApp or Telegram. Some of these groups advertise themselves as traders who offer ‘custodial’ services – they promise massive gains in a short period of time if you deposit money to their account. The best is not to engage with such groups and choose a forex broker instead with a well-established background and regulation. XCritical offers TWS web and mobile trading platform. offers stocks, futures, options, ETFs, forex, CDs, bonds etc. for your personal investment and trading options. Broker-dealers are required to file SARs for transactions suspected to involve fraud or a lack of an apparent lawful business purpose.

How To Best Avoid Scams?

Spreads will differ depending on the currency pair being traded, but the minimum for the majors starts at 0.8 pips, and the average spread ranges between 0.9 (EUR/USD, USD/JPY) to 5.4 (GBP/CAD). Our review team noted that this is pretty average for the industry – not too high but there are lower spreads out there. There is also a fee charged for overnight trades, which again is fairly standard. Finally, there is a £12 inactivity fee if no trades are made for 24 months. As we have noted previously, the IG Broker open account is intended for traders looking to enter the world of forex. Whilst this may seem a limited offering, it does allow the platform to offer a more refined, specialist service, including its superb educational materials.

scammed by XCritical

Good customer service and it was a smooth experience for me to trasnfer my account due to relocation. Now I can also create my ISA account in IB for a easy consolidated management of all my investment related accounts. Obviously, you would be upset; and you would have every right to be. What your broker did in this hypothetical scenario is illegal. As part of this duty, brokers Currencies forex are legally required to disclose any personal conflicts of interests that they might have so that their investors can make an informed decision. Failure to disclose a relevant conflict of interest is stockbroker fraud. It’s possible to build an incredibly diverse portfolio with IBKR with just a few clicks with access to over 135 markets and a wide range of securities.

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You’ll pay between $0.15 to $0.65 per contract, depending on your account type and the value of the contract you’re making. IBKR offers U.S. traders who hold USD as their base currency the ability to trade 23 of the most commonly-held currencies. xcritical rezension Like most forex brokers, IBKR charges a small percentage of your trade value in the form of a spread. XCritical even offers the ability to buy fractional shares of stock and was also the 1st major broker to offer this feature.

scammed by XCritical

These fraudulent websites may attempt to mimic the “look and feel” of an IBKR website by using similar branding, logos, design or content. To be clear, IBKR’s official website is While IBKR does have additional website domains, it does not have any connection or affiliation with third-party websites and/or companies. Members of the public should be alerted to the possibility of scams and should always exercise care in giving out personal data and information. Because that way they do not pay taxes and do not need regulation. Offshore countries are tolerating these brokers and letting them exist without proper control.


Overall, the technology solution of XCritical definitely on the highest level features great powerful capabilities and flexibility at the same time. XCritical pricing is among the most competitive ones, even though the commissions or various additional fees system seem to be quite complicated with its possible fees in changing positions or so. The general outcome is still pleasant especially while trading Stocks, Futures or EFPs. ACM MEDIA LLC publishes content for educational purposes only, does not offer personalized financial advice, and does not recommend the purchase or sale of any investment. We did have issues with IB’s customer service, position liquidations, and some people even raised concerns about the company trading against its own customers. The company is headquartered in Greenwich, CT and has offices in Chicago, Hong, Kong, Shanghai , Sydney, and Zug .

scammed by XCritical

Professional tools at IBKR allow licensed advisors to manage custodial accounts, improve their business strategies and help their clients make money. If you’re the type of trader who enjoys trading on a mobile format, you’ll appreciate XCritical’ fully-optimized, responsive mobile platform. Furthermore, neither BrokerChooser nor any of its affiliates provides any tax, accounting or legal advice either, hence if you require advice in relation to such matters, you should consult your respective tax, accounting or legal advisors. You can execute your own trades or try to follow what others are doing by riding their coattails. This is called copytrading and is offered by many forex brokers.

Is Interactive Trading Scam?

Good for me I only transferred in half from current broker,they are getting fired after being on the job for 3 days. Our team of financial experts have years of experience in the foreign exchange markets and can guide you into focusing on the more important factors to look at in selecting a forex broker to sign-up for. The minimum deposit requirement varies by the account type, also since IB announces enlarging programs and opportunities for low cost trading it lowers deposit requirements. A typical individual account requires a 2,000$ deposit, while the Friends and Family Advisor only 200$. As well the requirement may vary according to the region, e.g. In addition, leverage depending on the trading instrument, the country of your residence since regulation restricts high risks involved in leverage. For this reason for you easier understanding, IB provides an online tool to check on all applicable margins at your glance so you can choose trading best conditions.

  • We have received multiple reports and questions about trading groups active on popular messaging apps like WhatsApp or Telegram.
  • Fees, minimum deposit requirements, withdrawal, account opening, research tools and more.
  • So, I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it before (you’ve probably had), but what I do is called affiliate marketing, and as an affiliate, my’ job is to promote other people’s products and services.
  • offers stocks, futures, options, ETFs, forex, CDs, bonds etc. for your personal investment and trading options.

The dangers of investing in the stock market are very real, and that’s why you must educate yourself properly and understand the consequences and gambles involved. If you’re looking to pursue a career as a trader, I highly suggest that you get your finances in order first before even considering jumping in. I’m far from pro compared to other, more seasoned traders, but I know what I’m talking about at the end of the day.

New Account Creation

You’ll need to put in a few more details when opening a live account – including your TIN or SSN number for verification purposes. You’ll also need to attach a payment method for making deposits. It’s also possible to set up a joint account, should you wish to do so.

You would be missing out on a discount, despite putting in enough total money to get it. Stockbrokers need your authorization before they can conduct a transaction on your behalf. As a general rule, this authorization can come in one of two different forms.

scammed by XCritical

For the first time in the CFTC’s history, it found an investment firm liable for violations of the Bank Secrecy Act, according to the complaint. The action seeks to recover from IB the damages sustained as a result of the firm’s wrongdoing and substantial assistance in the Park scheme. Aside from being hard to reach, their support were only able to deliver mediocre customer service. Even the most basic questions took a lot of time to be answered and in most cases, they keep in doing sales talks which was a real turnoff. Withdrawal requests submitted prior to the cut-off are processed on the same day but there are cases that they do reviews that could delay the processing time.

Yet, sadly, in some cases, brokers simply do not give adequate attention to the needs of their clients. They negligently mismanage a customer’s portfolio, leading to that person sustaining serious losses and being put at avoidable risk. If you lost money because of your stockbroker’s negligence, you have been a victim of fraud and you have a legal right to seek compensation. Sadly, unscrupulous stockbrokers sometimes look out for their own commissions, over the interests of their clients encouraging investors to break up transactions, resulting in their clients missing out on discounts at key breakpoints. Alternatively, you may have a non-discretionary brokerage account. With this type of trading account, your broker is legally forbidden from making any transaction without first getting your express approval for the particular trade.

Its subsidiary, IB, is the electronic brokerage subsidiary of IBG LLC and is registered as a broker-dealer with the SEC and as a futures commission merchant with the CFTC. XCritical Group LLC is one of the world’s largest brokers, ThinkAdvisor reports. It has over $9 billion in equity capital and more than a million client accounts.

Is XCritical Legitimate Firm?

Traders can choose between a more comprehensive Pro account or an affordable Lite account to match their trading skill level and desired toolset. Outside of its trading platform, XCritical offers a wide range of educational tools and resources you can use to learn more about trading. Even if you haven’t decided on IBKR Lite vs Pro, you can study the markets and learn something new. Though IBKR’s desktop platform may be a dream to professional traders or those with market experience, there’s a steep learning curve for new traders to conquer.

Any amount of money you borrow in margin accrues interest daily. Recordings of the conversations with the broker’s customer support. The Traders Union pointed out that there are only a few options available for traders. Taking legal action and/or issuing a Mareva injunction against a company can have a major effect on a company’s xcritical reviews activities. “This type of freezing order has global force and the primary function of the injunction is to maintain the integrity of the court process by preventing the defendant from dissipating assets and becoming judgement-proof,” Toumbi explained. Before registering, contact customer support and ask several questions.

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